The mechanics of Score! Match are almost as bizarre as its name is.

“Why is there an exclamation mark in the middle of the title?” I asked as I downloaded the game. That was to be one of a long line of questions that eventually decimated my brain cells as I progressed in the game.

My team’s origins were like any others’; innocent and unassuming which later blossomed into a formidable gold medal-winning side that could challenge armies of “volleyballers”- a mechanic I got privy to at an unfortunately early stage of my experience. …


In commemoration of the great David Graeber, I thought I’d once again vomit all over the contemporary working culture. His book “Bullshit Jobs” is as enlightening to the inattentive as it is cathartic to the rest- I truly recommend it.

Credits: Andrea Piacquadio

The phenomenon of bullshit jobs, I’ve learned, is extremely subjective. You’ll rarely extract the exact same definition from multiple people since it largely depends on their working experience(s). I noticed that asking this question to people who have rarely, if ever, worked always yields the same response…

“Hi, I’d like one sleeve please.”

“Sure, that’ll be three-fiddy.”

“Sure thang.”

The coffee shop was a collation of colours that defined the word “hippy”. Light emitting from all discernible locations shone on an array of delicacies which sat- probably stale at that time of night- in the showcase. Despite it’s tangible glamour, the shop was only seating a handful of people. The synergy between their soft chattering and the harmonious instrumental music made for an exceptionally serene atmosphere.

The assistant ushered me to the back of the shop once I uttered the word “consultation”. There, numerous tattooed people sat…

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United States citizens are putting their pent up emotions to good use following the Coronavirus lockdowns, retaliating against one of the many unspoken enemies that the country hosts.

If our hyper-surveillant society did one good deed, it was flinging out in the open a multitude of cases of egregious behaviour from police officers. Had there been no cameras, the killing of George Floyd wouldn’t have sparked this ravaging fire that now burns wildly in the U.S. Had this occurred 50 years ago, it wouldn’t have even made the news- yet another unjust murder to be swept…

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“Leaving wasn’t a choice or an option,” Roberto, mid-thirties, said as the scissors in his hands split through my overgrown hair. “It was simply part of surviving.”

Hailing from Catania, Sicily, Roberto fled his country before his teen-hood reached its end- yet another of the island’s prodigies lost at the hands of hopelessness. He toured various countries prior to arriving to Malta, though he has never come across a situation nearly as dire as the one in his own place of birth.

In spite of its ever-expanding tourism industry, Italy has for years been experiencing a…

Marco Portelli

Master of writing crusades. Professional writer with a degree in eloquence. All aforementioned titles are self-nominated and should be challenged by the public.

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